Monday, 7 October 2019

In marriage the grace of God is guaranteed

In marriage, the couple themselves are the ministers of the sacrament. It is they who, of their own free and deliberate choice, are God’s instruments in tying the knot of union which is to last until death. The priest is simply the official witness, which means they themselves have been used by God to give to each other not only sanctifying grace but also the right to all the actual graces that will make them steadfast and faithful in their new duties and cares.

             It is this grace which flows from the power of the sacrament that sustains couples in the difficulties that lies ahead ( hard work, child-bearing, the education of their children, sickness, lack of leisure, inconveniences, personal adjustments and all the  self-sacrifice and patient tolerance needed to maintain peace and happiness in the home).

            Due to the grace of the sacrament, the love that husband and wife bear each other will triumph over all their trials. It is a continuing grace and is available to them during their whole lives. The sacramental union is a guarantee that God will offer sufficient actual grace day by day for all their needs, especially in every temptation and crisis.

             It should be noted that married people must live in the state of grace in order to receive these constant graces to them to live up to their vocation as Christian spouses and Christian parents.

            Besides distracting the mind from the real meaning of marriage, over-attention to social details before a wedding often has other unforeseen side-effects, not the least being the state of exhaustion that is experienced afterwards. Certainly, there is an important social side to a wedding, but it should not be made into a fashion show, nor should more money be spent on it than can be reasonably afforded.

            A wise couple will not be so taken up beforehand with the social side of the wedding arrangement as not to study the spiritual side also. Nowadays the beauty of the Nuptial Mass is being more appreciated, and many Catholic couples fell strongly about its spiritual value. They want the very best on this important day in their lives. Indeed, it is quite customary for them to read through and study the special Mass prayers well beforehand and to provided the bridal party, sometimes all the guests, with copies of the Nuptial Mass booklet this is the right attitude towards such a great sacrament.

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