Sunday, 30 September 2012



            Formerly, it was sufficient for young Christian people to know and believe that lack of control in sex matter was wrong, because the bible tells us this, Christ confirmed it and the church has always taught it. Today the youths are confronted with questions from a godless society which wants different and moreover easy answers. The traditional ones are unacceptable to them. They feel confident that, in this enlightened times, complications like venereal disease and unwanted pregnancies only happen to the stupid and ignorant. The sense of guilt that has traditionally been attached to unchaste actions are now being dismiss lightly and something belonging to a past mentality. Having disposed of these and other reasons for practising chastity, they find no other to replace them convincingly.

            Since the clock cannot be put back, we must face the fact that those who want to be chaste have an uphill fight. Often the physical side of sex is being falsely presented to them, outside its total context, as being the “real thing,” and consequently it is easy for youth to confuse sex pleasure with sex. The purpose of sex education should be to cultivate a proper understanding of sex and all the enriching values it can bring to life.